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Editorial Board, of Monthly Crime Observer Magazine, requests for your comments, suggestions, and ideas with a view to make it better we would fully welcome your ideas, as this magazine is being published for the benefit of everyone including you – our valued reader. For the benefit of our readers, let me note down here that this magazine is focusing on; crime related news and views, reports and findings related to the crime, role of social welfare organizations in eradicating the poverty from the society, developmental activities in all fields of life—such as education, health, sports, showbiz, career advancement, language and skills improvement, awareness about civic rights and responsibilities, specific social and political issues, fruitful guidelines to help abandon drug abuse, significance of showing obedience to parents and disastrous effects for not obeying them, caring for the children, women, and special people, national and international coverage on topics of common interest, awards/certificates for the best performers of law enforcement agencies through their own senior officials and by the Chairman, Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP), so on and so forth. So, any of our reader is willing to send any of his article, on any topic mentioned above, we would publish it, yet that would be conditional upon following our criteria. For this purpose, kindly fill in the following form and send it to us.

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