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The "Monthly Crime Observer" of Pakistan is being published from this metropolis, for the last few months, with the mandate to give coverage to crime related news and views with particular focus to assist the law enforcement agencies efforts, and this could further be helpful to reduce the lawlessness from the society. At a reasonable time, we would publish it from all provinces of Pakistan.

The "Monthly Crime Observer" Pakistan being owned and operated as well as managed by Mr. N. A. Tahir Bhatti (Rajput), as Editor In-chief and Chief Executive.

Our interest of publishing a new magazine arose whilst playing our major role on the forum of Crime News Magazine being published from this metropolis, for the last many years at this metropolis. In Crime News Magazine, I had started to serve as Associate Editor and by looking the best performance, and the ability to take on higher responsibilities, I was promoted to Executive Editor, in the year 2004.

Since then, I served painstakingly on the forefront of covering important topics related to the crime committed on provincial and national level in our country Pakistan. The results were quite amazing, in the shape of, increasing number of readers, preference to our magazine for publicity and advertising of products and services of massive clients from this metropolis.

In January 2014, we finally decided to start our own publication namely "Monthly Crime Observer" thus we said, good bye, to Crime News Magazine, and started to focus on our own magazine.

In this magazine, our core focus areas are; crime related news and views, reports and findings related to the crime, role of social welfare organizations in eradicating the poverty from the society, developmental activities in all fields of life—such as education, health, sports, showbiz, career advancement, language and skills improvement, awareness about civic rights and responsibilities, specific social and political issues, fruitful guidelines to help abandon drug abuse, significance of showing obedience to parents and disastrous effects for not obeying them, caring for the children, women, and special people, national and international coverage on topics of common interest, awards/certificates for the best performers of law enforcement agencies through their own senior officials and by the life Chairman, Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP), so on and so forth.

This magazine also aims to highlight the developments being made at the forum of UHRCP, based at Karachi Pakistan. This human rights commission is engaged to serve the less privileged people of not only our country, even its focusing on the issues worldwide, on diversified areas, which include yet not limited to financial and legal support, educational support, health support, professional support.

To run this magazine on international level, we have appointed our representatives in different countries—like Mr. Mobeen Ahmed Khan in Republic of Chili, Mr. M. Akber Rana in Japan, Mr. Chand in UAE.

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